Saw Palmetto – New Findings

Recently there was a new report released about the effectiveness of Saw Palmetto as a natural remedy for BPH treatment. As you may know, alternative medicine in the US has yet to provide consistent guidelines for efficacy and appropriate prescriptive choices for natural remedies. Sufficient financial incentive is not available for private research to fill this void and government research is limited. The natural remedy Saw Palmetto reflects this reality.

Saw palmetto is the most popular supplement for BPH in the US with the American Medical Association (AMA) publishing findings of a review of trials involving 2939 men in 1999 stating that ‘evidence suggests that Saw palmetto improves urologic symptoms and flow measures’. Saw Palmetto is also prescribed throughout Europe for BPH. In a large European trial 1098 men were randomized to saw palmetto or the pharmaceutical finasteride (prescribed to treat BPH). Both treatment groups experienced the same improvement in symptom scores. New findings published in the AMA Journal Sept 28, 2011, however, indicate Saw palmetto does not work. Are these findings the final word? Time will tell.

Natural Remedies explorer’s pick for best prostate supplement contains Saw Palmetto as well as the other top ingredients found to relieve the symptoms of BPH. These new findings on Saw palmetto which bring into question it’s effectiveness does not change our choice because we feel that it still contains a quality formula of the best natural remedies for BPH symptom relief


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