Prostate Complete selected as the best prostate supplement

Natural Remedies Explorer has selected Prostate Complete as the best prostate supplement for natural prostate health. If you’re interested in natural remedies for improving prostate health or seeking relief from symptoms of BPH, we believe this is one of the top natural remedies worth considering. Read on to find out why.

Best Prostate Supplement for Natural Prostate HealthSuperior results

There may be other prostate supplements with more hype and marketing, but our personal use of Prostate Complete has confirmed what clinical trials and science supports. It provided superior relief from BPH symptoms. We searched for a natural Prostate health supplement with a superior formulation of ingredients having the strongest research supporting their ability to promote optimum prostate health and function. Our search for the best prostate supplement led us to Prostate Complete. We picked it and use it because we believe Prostate Complete is one of the most effective and advanced integrated prostate supplements available.

Symptoms of BPH

The goal of a natural prostate health supplement is to relieve symptoms of an enlarged prostate (BPH) and to support overall prostate health. Common symptoms of BPH include: difficulty urinating such as hesitant urination or dribbling, frequent urination – particularly at night and more sever problems as the condition worsens. You should always check with your doctor to make sure you don’t have a more serious condition like prostatitis or cancer.

Full Spectrum of Ingredients and Product Quality

Prostate Complete covers the full spectrum of ingredients and product quality we hoped to find in a best prostate supplement. It has all the core essentials found in the literature like saw palmetto (new findings for Saw Palmetto), beta sitosterol, pygeum, lycopene, stinging nettle and more with an outstanding total of 32 ingredients that we believe make it the best prostate supplement.

Prostate Complete is also reviewed and approved by Dr. Passero, N.D., a leading Dr. of Naturopathic Medicne, which speaks to the quality and formulation of this product. Expanded information on our research into and personal experience with Prostate Complete can be found later in this post.

You can find a full list of ingredients with specific information about Prostate Complete and its key ingredients on the official Prostate Complete web page

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Taking a Prostate Supplement

At Natural Remedies Explorer, our research into finding the best prostate supplement was an important project because we also want to be taking the best prostate supplement available.

My name is John Elder and I have been taking natural prostate health supplements for about 20 years. I started seeking relief when my BPH symptoms began, in my late 30s, with the additional goal of preventing more serious problems like prostatitis or cancer from developing. I also wanted to avoid taking the pharmaceutical drugs required if my symptoms became sever.

I have been able to manage my symptoms effectively with only natural prostate health supplements over this time and have achieved my secondary goal of maintaining a healthy prostate so far. I now take Prostate Complete and have been experiencing significant relief from my BPH symptoms. I would definitely say that the results are superior to any natural Prostate health supplement I have taken in the past.

If you are interested in trying Prostate Complete, I recommend you check out our Natural Health Methodology for evaluating new natural health products. My experience has been that initial improvements can start within days, but maximum results with symptoms may require a month of taking the prostate supplement. It can also take up to a month for maximum symptoms to return once you stop.

Be aware that diet can play and important role in reducing the effectiveness of a prostate supplement and/or provide setbacks once you get results. High fat meals, lots of Caffeine and certain natural ingredients commonly found in weight loss metabolism accelerators have caused a rapid, but short term return of symptoms for me. So be aware of what you eat or take and be sensitive to how it affects your symptoms.

Researching the Best Prostate Supplement

Men have over a 50% chance of developing serious prostate problems at some point in their life. These problems can lead to cancer and other life threatening diseases. It is important that you take steps to prevent prostate problems from developing.

The findings of our research have been conducted consistent with the approach outlined in our Natural health Research page. Trials and studies were found linking the specific ingredients below with benefit or promise in the targeted categories. Some of the trials, however, were small and not considered scientifically significant or conclusive, especially as relates to cancer research. Research for many of these ingredients is ongoing. Also, for some the FDA has determined that the evidence is limited and not conclusive.

Most ingredients in natural prostate health supplements target three primary issues: Prostate enlargement (BHP), Inflammation (may relate to Prostatitis) and Cancer. Below is a partial list of ingredients in Prostate Complete under the targeted issues found while researching the literature.

Core essential ingredients

A. Prostate enlargement (BHP)
Zinc, Saw Palmetto (new findings for Saw Palmetto), Pygeum africanum, Nettle
B. Inflammation (may related to Prostatitis)
beta-sitosterol, Cat’s Calw
C. Cancer
Pygeum africanum, Nettle, Mushrooms

Additional Ingredients

C. Cancer
Lycopene, B-6, Vitamine E, Red Rasberry, Graviola, Green Tea, Broccoli, Calcium D-Glucarate
D. Overall natural prostate health
Copper, Pumkin Seed, Quercetin, Glutamic Acid, L-Alanine, L-Glycine

We hope that our research into the best prostate supplement will help you achieve natural prostate health. If you try Prostate Complete, we would love to hear from you about your experience. Please send a message through the contact page on Also, don’t forget to subscribe so you can be notified as we continue to post new research topics.

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